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Time To Wave Goodbye To Those Cheap Ride-On Cars: KSKids Auto Is Bringing High-Quality Imports To Market

Ride-on and R/C cars have always been some of the top presents kids hope to see in their toy collection, being able to drive around the yard or under the dining room table, there’ll always be a place for them in our homes!

But, for too long have we had to deal with overpriced, underdeveloped ride-on and R/C cars that just don’t match up to our standards. With many toys and replica cars being produced on mass in factories in the Far East, there is a noticeable drop in quality of the final product, whether it’s them looking to lower manufacturing costs or simply the lack of design itself.

Despite the market being flooded with these clunky looking cars, there are some hidden gems out there. One way to be sure of the quality of a product is to find out whether or not it’s officially licensed with the car manufacturing company. These cars are produced to look exactly like their real-life counterparts offering incredible detail, quality, and durability. They’re definitely worth the investment.

Bringing these cars to Ottawa Canada, and looking to ship globally, KSKids Auto only deal with high-quality producers and have teamed up with Injusa (Spain) and Rastar (China).

KSKids Auto is looking to reignite the passion behind R/C and ride-on cars by steering away from the low-cost models and providing products that will look just as good in a collection as they do on the road. Looking to fix the idea that R/C and ride-on cars for children need to just be cheap cheerful whereas more expensive cars are just to be looked at, KSKids believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have fun, in or with a car that looks as great as they feel when using it.

When buying from KSKids Auto you'll be able to appreciate the amount of work that goes into producing such high-quality replicas, from working lights and automatically opening suicide doors to real rubber tires. All of these extra features really enhance the experience and make a cool way to show off in front of friends.

When out buying a new R/C car for yourself or a ride-on for your kids don’t be afraid to take some time and shop around. It’s important to get a feel for what products are out there and if you can, try to see them in person, whether visiting a toy store or heading up to an auto show. Yes, you heard right, an auto show. These high-quality imports are so convincing that they actually get showcased alongside the real thing!

The Best thing about buying a quality car is that it won’t break down every week and can provide years of fun!

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