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KSKIDS AUTO Heads to The Biggest Autoshows in Canada

KSKIDS AUTO Heads to The Biggest Autoshows in Canada

If auto shows are ever lacking one thing, it is that of providing visitors with an immersive experience. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply walk around and look at these awe-inspiring machines, occasionally getting a chance to sit inside one of them. Especially for kids, who want to truly experience something magical, KSKIDS AUTO is happy to elevate the thrill for visitors, and cater to their imaginative enthusiasm by providing top quality experiences along with top quality products.


The Canadian International Autoshow, held in annually in Toronto, is Canada’s largest automobile spectacle. Drawing almost half a million visitors, the event features unique collections, immersive experiences, and captivating exhibits for visitors to take in and to be a part of. Likewise, the annual Montreal and Ottawa-Gatineau Auto shows draw immense crowds to their respective venues, exhibiting over 500 vehicles from over 40 manufacturers and offering a full day of awe and activity for visitors.

For the first time in the history of these events, KSKIDS AUTO will be partnering with the venues to offer an extremely dynamic and versatile experience that intends to make the event all the more memorable, engaging, and trilling, especially for kids.

There is something about being a child and yearning for the chance to drive, to achieve that liberating and invigorating feeling of speed and movement, of being able to take the wheel and push the pedal to the floor. It's a tantalizing prospect that, for many kids, has to be stored away until it comes time to get a license. However, KSKIDS AUTO is stepping in to provide children with a glimpse, a glimpse of experiencing what it's like to get behind the wheel.

For the very first time, children will be given a chance to actually ride in a scaled down luxury supercar – experiencing the thrill and excitement shared by vehicle owners. KSKIDS AUTO will also be exhibiting its new ride-on car, the Ferarri FXX. Sporting scissor doors and the classic red Ferrari finish, the Ferrari FXX encompasses the auto-makers aesthetic design into a scaled down version for kids to get behind the wheel of one of the worlds most desired luxury sports cars. Offering both remote and manual operation, two levels of speed, full steering control and a comfortable interior, it makes for an intricately simulated experience that is genuine to the feel of commanding a real sports car. For only $5, children will be able to experience the thrill of riding laps in their favorite dream car, as it will be there during the upcoming auto shows.

In some instances, it's not enough to simply ride, and the voice of ownership creeps in. Just like purchasing a new car, that sense of ownership can be scaled down to a 1:14th scale, and KSKIDS AUTO understands that. This is why it will be bringing an array of phenomenal scaled-down supercars to the event.

On display and on sale – Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini – will all be listed at a special price. The R/C supercars are all meticulously designed and finely crafted. The scale replicas feature fully-functioning radio control, independent suspension systems, working tail lights and head lights as well as unique features such as genuinely glossy paint work, drifting ability, and replicated brand name design. What better souvenir to pick up than an R/C car to memorialize the experience and let it live on forever.

It’s doesn’t end there – the R/C supercars will be available for an unforgettable test drive. Kids can go toe-to-toe against each other, living out the exhilarating opportunity of racing their favorite car for three electrifying laps as they compete for a taste of victory.

Scale R/C cars, whether to test drive or own, will be priced specially for these events.

There’s a certain magic that floats around the auto show experience, captivating everyone by putting the power, beauty, and sheer extravagance of these automobiles on display. For families, it’s a great opportunity to experience this magic together and, for all car lovers, it’s an enthralling event that cannot be missed. KSKIDS Auto understands this, and wants to make an already memorable event even that much more memorable, and that much more thrilling for visitors by bringing top quality products, top quality passion, and top quality fun to the events.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity that is the first of its kind at the next Canadian International Autoshow, Montreal Autoshow and Ottawa-Gatineau International Auto Show.

Montreal: Jan.18th - 27th

Toronto: Feb.15th - 24th



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