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KSKIDS AUTO Back in Action - Toronto Autoshow 2020

KSKIDS AUTO Back in Action - Toronto Autoshow 2020

The Canadian International Auto Show is racing into Toronto full-throttle this upcoming family day weekend between February 14th to 23rd, and KSKids Auto will be there again to proudly fuel the imagination of all kids and adults in attendance. 

With over half a million square feet of exhibits and attractions, the Canadian International Auto Show is the country’s biggest consumer show, displaying over a thousand automobiles that include concept and muscle cars, autonomous and electric vehicles, and the most exotic of super cars. 

KSKids Auto is happy to announce that it will once again be there to offer an unforgettable experience for all auto fans in attendance. Located at Level 800, KSKids Auto will be among Bugatti, Bentley and Porsche to provide a one of a kind experience for all attendees; the booth will feature replica sports cars that are scaled to size for children to ride on and a range of remote controlled cars for RC enthusiasts. 

Who says you have to be 16 to drive? 

By focusing on design and quality, KsKids Auto is inspiring imagination in uniquely immersive ways by providing kids with the opportunity to interact on a whole different level with detailed replicas of the coolest supercars available today. 

At this year’s Canadian Auto Show, KSKids Auto will happily cater to children aged 8 months to 9 years old by curating its own mini-car show for kids, whereby children can actually touch and feel scaled down versions of their favorite sports cars or get their hands on some of the best RC cars available today. 

Nothing stimulates the imagination more than actually sitting behind the wheel, honking the horn, and feeling the power of imagination - and after a day spent simply observing their favorite cars from afar, what better next step to take than to let children interact with an actual super car by letting them sit inside a scaled down version for a good photo op.

Families can expect to take memorable photographs with their kids at the show and RC enthusiasts can get their fill with a number of remote-controlled activities. KSKids Auto is committed to helping everyone participate in a much more interactive way than they’d ever expect. 

KSKids Auto wants kids to fulfill their desire of actually driving a car, to offer more than mere ability to look at these tremendous models of innovation because it understands the need to stoke the flames of imagination for all auto show attendees and create an even more memorable experience to this exciting event. 

 Michael Woronko

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