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Making The Most Out of Your R/C Car

Making The Most Out of Your R/C Car

Making The Most Out Of Your R/C Car

From wind-ups to pull-back-and-go’s, toy cars will always find their way into our homes and R/C cars are the perfect combination of a gadget meeting a cool toy!

R/C cars have been flying around our homes for years, proving themselves to be a truly cross-generational partner of playtime. Whether an R/C car is gifted to a child, an adult, or even your mischievous grandpa we guarantee you'll hear those wheels turning for hours as the cars go flying around the house, trying not to crash into everything in the process.

After so many years of playing, racing, and crashing R/C cars, we have come to appreciate them in all their glory and we'd like to share some of our top tips, to all R/C car enthusiasts, of how you can best enjoy your R/C cars at home;

 1. Create Cool Action Videos

Add a collection of close-call races to your home videos as you watch the kids battle it out with mom for the family trophy who then never lets you live it down. You can even settle disputes with a fast-paced, 1-lap race where the winner gets to choose what movie you go to see at the cinema.

  1. Competitive Racing at Home

As soon as the wheels touch the ground you're away, why not add to the fun and set up a course around your home, forming your own Grand Prix as you battle your friends for that number 1 spot. Everyone loves some healthy competition, just make sure to take care of the hairpin turn by the oversized toy bear!

  1. Car Football

One of our favorite, but surprisingly difficult games to play is car football! All you need is 2 R/C cars, or 4 for a more intense game, and some type of ball.  Get a couple of goals set-up at each end of the living room and you’re good to go! It might be a good idea for mom or dad to stand in as the ref!

  1. Relieve Stress…

Relax and escape the world. R/C cars are a great way to focus your mind on something else other than work, so take a seat, grab your remote and take a drive within the comfort of your own home. Race around the living room, weaving in and out chair legs, you'll find it helps to lower stress levels.

  1. Car collector

Get yourself some replica R/C cars, not only are they great fun but with the amount of work and detail that goes into perfectly matching them to their real-life counterparts is incredible so they'll also look fantastic on your shelf or in a display cabinet. Once you've got a few cars you'll have the makings of a pretty cool collection and racing team.

The trick to unlimited R/C car fun is letting your imagination run wild, there’s a whole range of games and activities for you to take part in, try them all and see what tickles your fancy the most.

As you gathered from our tips, R/C cars are a great a way to socialize with friends or bond with the family. They add an escape from the real world and give you the chance to enjoy the moment your in with those around you. I mean can you think of a more exciting way settling an argument about doing homework with a no-holds-barred race to the finish? We didn't think so.

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