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5 Important Things To Look For When Buying a Ride On Car

1. Number of Motors and Battery Size.

The motor is what makes the wheel of the car move forward or backwards. Usually ride on cars will have one motor on the back wheel. When buying a ride on car look for the number of motors. You can either have a one motor or dual motor ride on. Dual motor (2 motor) ride-on cars will have a motor in the back left wheel and a motor in the back right wheel.

Dual motors ride-on cars (2WD) can carry heavier children at a steady rate. This means the car will keep up its desired speed level even though the child is heavy. Moreover dual motor ride-on cars will give your child a smoother ride. If you have a child that weights 40-55lbs then a dual motor ride-on car is a better option.

One motor ride-on cars will have the same speed as the dual motor however it will slow down with increase weight. If you looking for great deals and your child is below 35lbs the one motor ride-on car will be sufficient. The Lamborghini ride on car at KSKids Auto come equipped with a one motor 6V batter

Having a bigger better size is always better, 12V is the ideal battery for ride on cars. However you will find 6V battery ride on cars which are good for the smaller cars or smaller children. Having a larger battery can make the car faster. 24V are rare but should only be used for larger ride on cars that seat two. Having a 24V battery on your average size ride on car can make the car reach 11km/h, which is extremely dangerous!!!

2. Design and Quality.

There are tons of different styles of ride-on cars. You have the SUV style, luxury super cars KSKIDS AUTO, Quads, pedals and small kiddy ones that you push with your two feet.

Ride-on cars that are licensed (check out blog) are a two edge sword. Their design mimics exactly that of its real car. Since licensed ride on cars have to pay for licensing fees to the car manufacturing company their quality needs to be superior. Therefore you get 2 in 1 with licensed ride on car. Design and Quality.

The top ride-on car manufacturers for these are Rastar, Injusa and Famosa. Rastar does a great job of having more options to choose from. Injusa and Famosa have great ride on that are surprisingly still made in Spain. 

You will notice cheaper quality ride on cars that have stickers everywhere, flashy lights, and a horrible style all in all. Stay away from these kinds of ride on cars, they will give you a hard time to put together and they will not last long.

    3. Remote Control enabled

      If you want the ride on to “grow with your child” then you want a car that is remote control enabled. You can use your ride on car as early as 18months (some can start using it at the age of 12 months) it really depends on the size of the baby. What is cool about having the remote control function is your child at a very young age will be able to enjoy the car even though their feet don’t reach the pedals. Parents can take full control of the car while the child is seated.


      Things to keep in mind with the remote control is their frequencies. A lot of R/C car might have the same frequency (27mhz or 41mhz) which could disrupt the playing of your car, make sure you are not around other R/C cars that have the same frequency unless the car comes equipped with a 2.4GHZ R/C. The Ferrari 12V ride on car at KSKids Auto actually has a 2.4ghz remote control. This enable the car to work even around other R/C cars.

      As the child grows to about ages 3-5 they can start controlling the car with the pedals and steering wheel. Lastly, once the child grows out of the car it could be the COOLEST prop in their room.

       4. Number of seats

      Large ride on cars can have 2 seats, but most ride on car come with a 1 seater. The issue that we have seen with two seaters is NOT the functionality of the car or the speed of the car. But the biggest issue as parents that we have seen with them is the constant fighting on who sits on the driver’s side!! Another issue with the two-seater is the size, some two-seaters. The claim it fits two, but in reality it is 1.5 seater! Moreover two seaters are usually found in larger ride on cars in an SUV style or an off roader.

      If you looking for more sporty cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG, Bentley, Porsche then the one seater is the ideal option, as it encompasses all the aspects of a sporty super car.

      One seaters also save space in the house or garage, in cooler day’s kids can drive these cars in larger open space inside the house. In addition storing these cars are a lot more easier than having the larger ones. Keep in mind the one seater such as the Ferrari 12v ride on car, Bentley kids car (12V) are still pretty big in size but have are still great for playing indoors as well as outdoors. WARNING do not use in the living room, as a lot of furniture will be ruined!

        5. Shipping

          Before buying your ride on car make sure you read the fine print on shipping. These cars are HUGE when shipping them out their costs can range from $50 - $190 domestically! Make sure the store you are buying include their shipping with the price they offer. KSKids Auto offers its customers free shipping anywhere in Canada which actually saves customers the hidden costs.


          More is better, having a dual motor 12V ride on car may mean that you pay a bit more money, but it will grow with your child. Pay very close attention to the design and quality of the ride on car. To get the best value for your ride on car make sure it comes with an R/C and that it has a realistic design of the real car. Always check for the best rates when buying online and make sure the price includes shipping.

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